All of Santa's times are approximate and may vary depending on conditions and other factors outside of his control.  As always, Santa tries to visit as many streets and homes as he can while he's here, but sometimes just can't visit all of them.  BUT don't worry....Santa will be back on Christmas Eve for his regular visit and as always, will still know who has been Naughty or Nice!

Friday, November 24th;  SANTA ARRIVES to the VALLEY!

Santa arrives to town and will be escorted around the valley by the Bayport and Stillwater Fire Departments.  Here is the general schedule for his visit:

  • Santa Departs the "North Pole" around 8am
  • Travel to and throughout the Bayport Inspiration neighborhood (8:05-8:35)
  • Back to and All Around the City of Bayport (8:40-9:10)
  • Special Visit to First State Bank and Trust in Bayport (9:15-9:30)
  • Move on to the Neighborhoods of Oak Park Heights (9:35-10:15)
  • Pass thru the Downtown Stillwater area (10:15-10:30)
  • Over the Hills and through the Woods in Stillwater (10:50-11:55)
  • Special Visit to Ace Hardware in Stillwater (Noon-12:25)
  • Santa stops at Stillwater Motors for Pictures (12:30-1:30p)
  • Santa and his Elves departs back to the North Pole

Bayport fire department

​Proudly Serving the Communities of:  Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Baytown and West Lakeland

Wednesday, December 6th;  Bayport, Lighting of the Village Green

Santa will visit to help celebrate the lighting of the Bayport Village Green.  Santa will say hello to the children who gather for this fun event.  7pm

Here Comes Santa!