Bayport fire department

​Proudly Serving the Communities of:  Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Baytown and West Lakeland

Elementary & Secondary


  • Fire Suppression
  • First Responder/Emergency Medical Services
  • Heavy Rescue
  • Water & Ice Rescue
  • Code Enforcement & Inspections
  • Fire Prevention

We provide the following services:

Large Retail


Large Gathering

& Assembly

Manufacturing &


Senior & Multi-Tennant


Senior & Multi-Tennant


Our service area contains a diverse range of functions including:

  • Highway 36 on the North
  • The St. Croix River on the East
  • Highway 94 on the South
  • Manning Ave on the West

The Bayport Fire Department has served Bayport and its surrounding communities for more than 125 years.

Currently our 24 volunteer/paid on-call members serve the communities of Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Baytown Township and West Lakeland Township. Our service area is approximately 25 square miles with a population of over 13,000.

Generally, our service area is defined by: 

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