We honor the following members of the Bayport Fire Department who have selfishly given their time and talent with 20 years or more of service.

20+ Years of Service

​Proudly Serving the Communities of:  Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Baytown and West Lakeland

Bayport fire department

Ray Asp1960 to 1980
Eugene Bell1958 to 1978
Gary Bell1970 to 1997
Matt Bell1993 to 2013
Mike Bell1990 to 
Tom Brinkman1958 to 1981
Ed Bruchu1962 to 1982
Jim Bruchu1976 to 1996
Steve Buege1987 to
Brad Carmichael1979 to 2001
Dale Carmichael1961 to 1981
Pete Coppa1953 to 1973
Lloyd Daniels1944 to 1968
Allen Eisinger2001 to
Josh Eisinger2001 to
Mike Galowitz
1999 to
Corky Green1977 to 2000
Gene Hafeman1951 to 1971
Jeff Hafeman1982 to 2012
Bill Hering Sr1937 to 1968
Bill Johnson1977 to 2000
Jerry Kukuska1962 to 1982
Tom Lind1986 to 2006
Arvid Noreen Jr1957 to 1977
Chuck Oswald
​1999 to 2019
Jeff Radke1983 to 2006
Jim Radke1960 to 1980
Lyle Radke1958 to 1978
Todd Radke1990 to 2010
Randy Radke1982 to 2008
Scott Radke Sr1987 to 2008
Pat Rowland1952 to 1972
Chuck Schwartz1969 to 1999
Jason Severson1995 to 
Ron Sockness1962 to 1982
Mark Swenson1990 to 2015
Clarence Van Merten1956 to 1976
Krage Vindal1980 to 2000
Bill Wilmes1957 to 1978
Don Wilmes1953 to 1976
Joe Wilmes1979 to 1999