Bayport fire department

​Proudly Serving the Communities of:  Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Baytown and West Lakeland

In March, the city was notified by the Department of Corrections that a 4.158 acre parcel at the intersection of 5th Avenue North and Stagecoach Trail was no longer needed for state purposes and therefore the property would be listed for sale.

In April, the city proceeded with legislation to acquire the parcel at no cost to the city (rather than purchasing the property), which was approved by the Minnesota Legislature and signed into law by the Governor in May, saving the city approximately $300,000.

In July, the city created the Fire Hall Building Committee to develop a concept plan for a new proposed Fire Hall. The city also selected the firm of Kraus Anderson to act as the construction manager to guide the city through the preliminary stages of selecting an architecture firm and preparing a construction budget for a new Fire Hall building.

In September, the city selected the firm of Leo A. Daly Architects to engage the Fire Hall Building Committee to create a preliminary design for a new Fire Hall building.

From September-November, the Fire Hall Building Committee met 8 times to develop a building design that meets the department’s needs in terms of apparatus storage, office space, training areas, and more, for decades to come.

On October 22, November 5, and November 10 the City Council convened workshops to review and discuss the preliminary budget and concept building design. A formal presentation on the preliminary budget and design were presented at the November 10 regular City Council meeting.

On November 17, the city of Bayport hosted a public open house to give residents the opportunity to view and comment on the preliminary concept building design, as well as the proposed project budget and cost share scenarios by which all service communities would participate in funding a new Fire Hall building.

Dec 1st, the authorization to proceed with the next phase of design to prep for bidding (known as "Design Development) was approved by the City of Bayport.


B2 Architects completed a comprehensive study of the department’s activities and space needs, which revealed the existing building would not be able to sustain the demands of the service area long-term and recommended the city pursue an alternate location for a new Fire Hall more central to the service area.


For the past decade, the city has been consciously aware that increased safety concerns with the existing building and demands of a growing service area would mandate a new Fire Hall building in the future.

The Bayport Fire Department was established in 1888 and currently services approximately 13,000 people within the communities of Bayport, Baytown, Oak Park Heights, and West Lakeland.

The existing Bayport Fire Hall is located at 301 2nd Avenue North, adjacent to Bayport City Hall, Andersen Elementary School, and residential neighborhoods.

Originally built in the 1940’s, the existing building consists of 6,630 square feet, which no longer meets the storage needs for the department’s existing fire apparatus and equipment.

new fire STATION project

Conceptual Drawing
The goals of the new proposed Fire Hall:

The demand for a larger pumper truck became a reality, requiring the city to purchase a new 31-foot fire engine, causing the apparatus bay in the existing Fire Hall to be at full capacity, with no storage space for additional vehicles or equipment.

The city convened meetings with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, to discuss the possibility of obtaining a parcel of land at the intersection of 5th Avenue North and Stagecoach Trail on which to locate a new Fire Hall building.


On February 2, the full contract was finalized and approved by all four communities.

In early April bid opening will occur, and assuming that proceeds as planned a ground breaking date for the project will be set.

  • Eliminate safety concerns associated with the existing Fire Hall location.
  • Improve access to other communities served by the Bayport Fire Department.
  • Provide adequate space to contain existing and future expansion of fire apparatus and gear.
  • Upgrade office and storage spaces for administrative functions.
  • Incorporate multi-purpose spaces to facilitate on-site training, meetings, and public events.
  • Identify a location that would minimize traffic and noise impacts to the community.